Meghan Parkansky

Executive Producer, Editor, & Cinematographer

Meghan grew up in Wausaukee, Wisconsin, a small town located 60 miles north of Green Bay. She fell in love with documentaries after a friend introduced her to American Movie while she was a film student attending UW-Milwaukee. In 2009, she began working as Master Control Operator for the local CBS station WFRV Channel 5, the Official Packers Station.

Meghan came across the book Green, Gold, and Proud at a friends' house around Christmastime in 2009. Green, Gold, and Proud contains mini-biographies of many Green Bay Packers fanatics. She was instantly inspired and thought Packers fanatics would be an great subject for a documentary. By June of 2010 Meghan was shooting interviews for what would become "eXtreme, Loyal, Victorious. The Packers' Fan Experience." She would have never anticipated when she first started that the Green Bay Packers would soon become Super Bowl Champions for the first time in 15 years, and that she would end up capturing the whole journey on film, through the perspective of the teams' biggest fans.

Meghan currently works as an intern in Los Angeles for View Film (Best known for Taxi Cab Confessions on HBO). Their new documentary, American Winter, is due to be released in November of 2012.

Meghan Parkansky, circa 1993

Meghan Parkansky, circa 1993

Steve Blecha, Co-Producer & Co-Editor

Steve teaches Internet Broadcasting at Northeastern Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has 20 years of Producing, Writing, and Editing experience. Producer Meghan Parkansky was a student in Steve's Internet Broadcasting class in the Fall of 2009, and he taught the Final Cut Pro editing class Meghan attended in 2010. A friendship began between the two of them during this time as they spent more and more time sharing with each other their passion for documentaries. Knowing that Meghan took on a hefty endeavor in producing her first big project, Steve offered his help and knowledge and got on board as Co-Producer and Co-Editor.


Holly De Ruyter, Cinematographer

Holly is a freelance Producer and Editor. She grew up in Onieda, Wisconsin and attended Columbia College in Chicago. She saw an article in The Green Bay Press-Gazette about "The 2010 Packer Fan Project" (the term the production was coined) and contacted Meghan to offer her help. Holly shot a segment at Will's Northwoods, Chicago's Packers bar, and also shot in Green Bay and at Lambeau Field during Super XLV. She is working on her own documentary about Supper Clubs in Wisconsin, called "Old Fashioned, The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club" .

Lindsay Kralovetz, Cinematographer

Lindsay grew up in Bonduel, Wisconsin and attended Columbia College in Chicago. She has worked as an editor with Harpo Studios (Oprah, Rosie O'Donnell Show). Her friend Holly (graze your eyes upward 2 inches to learn about Holly!) mentioned "The 2010 Packers Fan Project" to her and she wanted to help with it's production as well. Lindsay shot a segment at Will's Northwoods, Chicago's Packers bar, and also shot in Green Bay and at Lambeau Field during Super Bowl XLV.

Special Thanks

Chris Wood, Music Soundtrack Producer

Chris is the producer of Tailgate Tunes, Tailgate Tunes II, and "Go! You Packers, Go!". Select songs from these albums made up the musical soundtrack for "eXtreme, Loyal, Victorious." Go here to buy the CDs, if you're a Packers fan, you'll love the music.


Dulcie Dahle, Graphic Design

All graphic design for the movie posters, logo, and DVD cover art was done by Dulcie Dahle. If you have any graphic design needs to be met, I would highly recommend her.